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NEWCorp Partnerships

New Education for the Workplace (NEWCorp) is honored to work with the following partners, organizations, and associations:

jobcorpslogo200dpi-sm.jpgJob Corps

Job Corps is a program of the Department of Labor. Job Corps equips the non-traditional student with the necessary skills to be an active participant in the community. Young men and women are enrolled in a year round residential program that offers an array of vocational trades. Job Corps is the nation’s largest residential, educational, and job training program for youth, ages 16 to 24. Established in 1964, Job Corps has trained and educated more than two million young people to date and continues to serve nearly 70,000 young people each year. For more information about Job Corps, visit www.jobcorps.org .


siatech_logo-sm.png SIATech, Inc.

The School for Integrated Academics and Technologies (SIATech) is an award-winning dropout recovery program with 14 campuses nationwide. SIATech excels at re-engaging formerly disconnected students through a unique technology-driven curriculum that allows students to complete high school at their own pace in teacher-facilitated, computer-based classrooms. SIATech’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty and underachievement for students who have dropped out of the traditional education system. SIATech promotes “Real Learning for Real Life.” For more informationon SIATech, visit www.siatech.org.




MYcroSchools are small learning communities that provide a high school program for students who need to get back on-track to graduation. Rather than viewing students at-risk of failure, MYcroSchools consider students at-promise of success. This public charter high school program engages students through relationship-focused, high-tech, and rigorous learning experiences. Graduates emerge prepared for careers, the military, and/or more education. For more information on MYcroSchool, visit www.mycroschool.org.


Job Corps Center Operators 


atsi-newlogo-sm.jpgApplied Technology Systems Inc. (ATSI)

Applied Technology Systems Inc., known as ATSI, is dedicated to increasing educational opportunities for young adults and has experience in designing and operating successful educational programs, as well as recruiting and retaining students for its programs. Community Links Magazine said, “ATSI specializes in human technology, meaning it accesses the resources of the human mind, tapping into the creative process of the human potential.” NEWCorp is honored to work with ATSI on the Jacksonville Job Corps Center.  


csd-new-solid-flat-full-dark-sm.jpgCareer Systems Development Corporation (CSD)

In operation since 1964, Career Systems Development Corporation (CSD) continues to focus on helping at-risk youth. The contracted operation of Job Corps Centers is the largest segment of the company's business, and  CSD has played a major role in the Job Corps program since it was initiated in 1964. SIATech is privileged to work with CSD on the San Diego, Sacramento, and San Jose Job Corps Centers.


Chugach McKinley, Inc.

Chugach McKinley provides operations, training, management, and maintenance services. At the Long Beach center, Chugach McKinley is responsible for the success of the overall contract as well as finance and administration, human resources, residential living, recreation and safety/transportation. SIATech is honored to work with Chugach McKinley on the Long Beach Job Corps Center.


dji_bw-sm.jpg Del-Jen

Del-Jen was founded in 1978 and provides a variety of support services to the US government. Its education and training services division provides vocational training and job placement services to over 20,000 students annually.  At the Job Corps Centers they operate, Del-Jen provides a comprehensive range of career development services leading to employment and long-term attachment to the workforce. Del Jen provides academic, vocational, social, employability, and independent living skills training. It also assists youth in obtaining employment, additional education or training, or entry into the Armed Forces. NEWCorp is honored to work with Del-Jen on the Albuquerque and Gainesville Job Corps Centers. Read about NEWCorp in the June 2008 edition of the Del-Jen newsletter, Del-Jeneration .


mtc_logo-sm.gifManagement & Training Corporation

The Management & Training Corporation (MTC) is an international organization dedicated to helping people realize their learning potential, and it has operated a successful job-training program through Job Corps for more than 25 years. MTC creates nurturing environments in which education is encouraged and recognized. Self-respect, skill development, and confidence all emerge from those who participate in MTC's educational opportunities to improve their quality of life. SIATech is honored to work with Management and Training Corporation on the Inland Empire and Long Beach Job Corps Centers.


rescare_header_logo-sm.gif ResCare 

The core values of ResCare are “respect” and “care.” The company began more than 30 years ago and is the world’s largest and most diverse private provider of human services. As it grew from its first Job corps center in Kentucky, the company focused on education, training and life development for those with developmental disabilities and young people trying to overcome the effects of disruptive environments. ResCare grew slowly over the next decade and a half, branching out to other states. ResCare currently operates 20 Job Corps centers. NEWCorp is pleased to work with ResCare on the Homestead, Miami, Phoenix, Treasure Island, and Fred G. Acosta Job Corps Centers.


 YWCA of Greater Los Angeles

The Young Women’s Christian Association is a women’s membership movement that strives to create opportunities for women’s growth, leadership, and power in order to attain peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all people. The YWCA emphasizes racial justice and economic empowerment of women and girls. The YWCA of Greater Los Angeles provides programs and advocacy services to women and girls throughout the communities of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Job Corps Center serves approximately 1,200 trainees annually, and SIATech is honored to work with the YWCA at this center.


Events and Associations 


Reaching At-Promise Students Association (RAPSA)

The mission of the Reaching At-Promise Students Association (RAPSA) is to be the leading resource for professionals working with at-promise learners. RAPSA provides opportunities in professional development for elementary and secondary teachers, administrators, counselors, and others working with the high-risk population. Through workshops, trainings, and conferences, RAPSA shares innovative, standards-aligned assignments and methodologies for immediate classroom use. RAPSA promotes the capabilities and accomplishments of at-promise students by working in collaboration with local businesses and developing valuable networking opportunities. Learn more here.

SIATech - The School for Integrated Academics and Technologies
RAPSA: Leaders in Education Inspiring Students
MYcroSchool My High School My Way


This program is unique in that instructors genuinely care for their students and their success, in return NEWCorp and Job Corps show their appreciation and gratitude to their employees.

Paulette Lopez