May 2, 2017

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

NEWCorp Board Members

Brenda Hall

Director of the North County Professional Development Federation

Brenda Hall serves as the Director of the North County Professional Development Federation.  This group consists of 24 north  county school districts, the College of Education at California State University San Marcos and the San Diego County Office of Education.  Previously Brenda served as a Curriculum Coordinator for the Vista Unified School District.  She is a graduate of the University of San Diego.  Brenda started her NEWCorp Board service on December of 2011 and is a former SIATech Board member.

Dan Tilton

Director of Property Management, Gemological Institute of America

Dan Tilton has served on the NEWCorp board for more than five years and on the Guajome Park Academy board for seven years with five of those years as the chairman of the board. He has worked for the Gemological Institute of America for 11 years and is active with the city of Carlsbad, serving as a member of the Chamber of Commerce and on the Carlsbad Business Environment Committee through the Chamber.

Ron Suokko

ViaSat Inc.

Bernadette Griggs

Director of Accounting & Budget at Los Angeles County Office of Education

BernadetteGriggs is president of New Education for the Workplace Board of Directors and has been on the board since 2006. She currently is the Director of Accounting & Budget Development at Los Angeles County Office of Education.

Dave Meyer

Executive Director of Instructional Technology and Learning Support

Dave joined the NEWCorp board of directors in January 2005.  Dave began working for Guajome Park Academy SIATech in 1999.  In 2004, he became the Director of Learning Support for SIATech.  In Dave’s current position, he is responsible for curriculum planning, development, and implementation.  In addition, he provides leadership to the Information Technologies and Applications department;  ensuring the effective management of technologies used to support SIATech’s operational, instructional, and professional development programs.  Dave has more than 22 years of teaching, curriculum development, and professional development experience at both SIATech and in the Poway Unified School District.  This experience has emphasized the effective use of technology in the classroom. Dave earned a MS in Education with an emphasis in technology.

Mas Kameya

Community Member

Mas Kameya is a founding member and Vice President of the New Education for the Workplace Board of Directors. He has been serving as a member and officer since 2001. His interest in education began in 1957 when he became Chief Medical Technologist for the Laboratory and Education Coordinator for the School of Medical Technology at Decatur & Macon County Hospital. Mas returned to college and received his Masters degree in Education in 1961. He became a member of NEWCorp because it fills a vital role by giving dropout students the opportunity to receive their high school diploma so that they can be gainfully employed or attend college. Mas is retired from Clinical Science Laboratory.

Dr. Stephen Halfaker

Vice President of the AZ SIATech and NEWCorp board of directors

Dr. Halfaker currently serves as Vice President of the AZ SIATech and NEWCorp board of directors.  He has over 30 years of experience in K-12 education, ranging from English teacher to curriculum specialist to superintendent. He has extensive experience in school administration having served as principal for 10 years, including experiences at Twin Peaks Middle School, (ADA 1800) and Rancho Bernardo High School (ADA 2950). Following his experience as principal, Dr. Halfaker was CEO/Superintendent of a charter school system, Guajome Park Academy, which included a 6-12 IB Academy, and 14 dropout recovery high schools across the country (ADA 4000).

Most recently, he was superintendent of Lakeside Union School District for seven years and while there, leveraged and started two charter schools and a trilingual magnet school where students learn English, Spanish, and Mandarin. Additionally, he leveraged online and blended learning platforms for the district.

Dr. Halfaker is known for developing successful cutting edge programs. He is an assistant professor at Ashford University and a consulting partner with Advanced Education Ventures, LLC, a consultancy based in Poway, California. Dr. Halfaker is currently working on K-12 charter projects with Coronado Unified School District and Poway Unified and consults with the County Office of Education as a mentor superintendent.

He received his advanced degrees from USC, Ed.D., and San Diego State University, M.A. He has been a trainer in Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Successful People and is a certified online instructor for master’s level education courses.

Dr. Linda Dawson

Superintendent / CEO, SIATech

Linda serves as President of the SIATech Board of Directors.  She began working with Guajome Park Academy in April of 2000.  In 2004, Linda became Superintendent and CEO of SIATech, Inc.  Linda’s experience includes Director of Education Services at Guajome Park Academy.  She served as principal at Abraxas High School, assistant principal at Twin Peaks Middle School and Bernardo Heights Middle School, all in the Poway Unified School District.  She was recognized twice as the Outstanding Secondary Administrator by the Association of Poway School Managers, and Teacher of the Year for her exemplary work at Bernardo Heights Middle School.  Most recently, Linda was honored as a finalist in the James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award and received a $25,000.00 grant to be used for education programs at SIATech. She is a certified Franklin Covey trainer in Leadership, FOCUS, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and Management.   Linda earned her Ed.D. from United States International University, her Master of Science degree from Eastern Kentucky University, and her Bachelors Degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara.


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