May 4, 2017


High School Programs: SIATech and MYcroSchool


New Education for the Workplace (NEWCorp) provides services for SIATech® and MYcroSchool high schools in Arkansas and Florida. Services range from human resource development to operational management to curriculum licensing.

SIATech (School for Integrated Academics and Technologies) and MYcroSchool boast award-winning dropout recovery programs. The schools have helped thousands of former high school dropouts earn their high school diploma. The mission is Real Learning for Real Life™ and emphasizes academic advancement as well as the holistic development of its students into contributing members of society.

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Educational Services

High School Programs

The leadership of New Education for the Workplace (NEWCorp) features many years of experience in the classroom, school administration, and private sector.

The complementary experiences from traditional, alternative, and charter school settings forms a multi-dimensional and entrepreneurial team prepared to serve a variety of educational organizations.

NEWCorp has successfully supported local efforts to develop charter school programs in several states including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and New Mexico.

NEWCorp has the capacity to consult in a numerous administrative, financial, human resources, and other needs of new and existing educational organizations.